Creative Word Walls

Word Walls are a common feature of ESL classrooms because they effectively promote vocabulary development. Many teachers use index words or Post Its to neatly write the words. But what if you and your students are bored of this primitive method? Do you want to incorporate Word Walls in your class website? This is where Wordle comes in.

Wordle is a website that displays the most popular words in a text. You can use it to create a Word Wall of the most frequently used words in a literary work or student work. You can also use it with speeches and current events, which is a great resource for ESL, English, and TOEFL prep classes. It’s a creative way of displaying important vocabulary words and “trending” words/events in your classroom or in your class website.

Wordle is a great resource for the teacher who is 2.0. WordSalad is a Wordle for iPad. It allows you to create these creative Word Walls from your iPad.