Skype Tutoring

Hello there! I teach English on Skype.

  • Native English speaker from New York
  • Taught English full-time for more than five years
  • Great testimonials from students
  • Affordable prices
  • TEFL certified

Personalized One-on-One tutoring

English language lessons personalized to your needs. A diagnostic test identifies your strengths and weaknesses, and the lessons are customized for you, whether you’re just beginning to learn English, or at an advanced level looking to perfect your skills. Lessons can focus on: Business English, TOEFL Preparation, Grammar, Conversation, Pronunciation, Listening, or Vocabulary.

Easy to Use Scheduling System

The easy-to-use calendar adjusts to your time zone. Simply find an opening and reserve a time!

TEFL Certified & Experienced Teacher

I am a TEFL Certified teacher, with over 5 years of full-time English language teaching experience at International Language Schools, teaching in both the classroom and private one-on-one settings. I have taught all levels ranging from Elementary to Advanced.

Diagnostic Test & Evaluation

Before starting your lessons, you will take a free diagnostic test, and I will identify your strengths/weaknesses, and we can discuss together the areas in which you need improvement.

Affordable LessonsPackages

Purchase lessons at $35 per session.

Simply go to my calendar to book a session.


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