How/When to Complain

Have you had a bad experience at a restaurant or bought a faulty item from a hop and wanted to complain?

Check out this British website. Read its short article about advantages and disadvantages of different ways of complaining and tell me about a time when you had to complain about something.


Punctuation Personalities

Punctuation Personalities

This image is a great resource. It helps students remember the purpose of each punctuation mark. It can be hung in the classroom or given to students, and it instantly becomes a great resource for students.

So, which punctuation personality are you?


Video: Quoted Speech and Reported Speech: Introduction

In this video, students learn:
– what is quoted speech and reported speech
– the differences between indirect speech and direct speech
– the correct use of punctuation marks in quoted speech and reported speech

1. Go to this website:
2. Complete the activity.
3. Comment below or on my blog with your progress. I want to know how you did.
4. Write your questions below. I would love to help.

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Quoted Speech vs. Reported Speech Practice Activities Part 1

You were just introduced to quoted speech and reported speech, and now you’d like to practice your skills with these new grammar concepts. No fret, my pet! I have listed several practice activities below that will help you master the basics of quoted and reported speech. I recommend completing at least two of these activities. Also, don’t forget to go comment below with your progress and any questions you have.

Happy learning!


Quoted Speech vs. Reported Speech Exercise 1: Click on the DOWNLOAD NOW button for this proofreading exercise by ESL in Style.

Video Practice with Hilary Swank in Freedom Writers.

More Video Practices