How/When to Complain

Have you had a bad experience at a restaurant or bought a faulty item from a hop and wanted to complain?

Check out this British website. Read its short article about advantages and disadvantages of different ways of complaining and tell me about a time when you had to complain about something.


Punctuation Personalities

Punctuation Personalities

This image is a great resource. It helps students remember the purpose of each punctuation mark. It can be hung in the classroom or given to students, and it instantly becomes a great resource for students.

So, which punctuation personality are you?


Video: Quoted Speech and Reported Speech: Introduction

In this video, students learn:
– what is quoted speech and reported speech
– the differences between indirect speech and direct speech
– the correct use of punctuation marks in quoted speech and reported speech

1. Go to this website:
2. Complete the activity.
3. Comment below or on my blog with your progress. I want to know how you did.
4. Write your questions below. I would love to help.

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